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File: 1456364440364.jpg (158.45 KB, 969x1280, tumblr_o1scwwQSNU1ruv87mo5….jpg)


Hello everyone I am practice forced feminization with my wife for almost 4 years! We tried almost everything (cuckold, sissy, making me gangband slut etc). So feel free to ask anything :3


what is the biggest thing that was in your ass?


File: 1456364585054.gif (1.9 MB, 294x233, tumblr_inline_o1qpei5TT21r….gif)


I don't know why but I don't seem to get a buzz off anal, I'm not sure whether it's because I'm not doing it right or it's just not meant for me. Pls help. Xx


I didn’t either at first. It’s an acquired sensation! It’s expectation that’s the problem, you go in thinking “this will be the best” and feel let down by the lack of fireworks.

Just relax as much as you can, get in there and explore how it feels. Don’t try to blow your mind, just try to find your way around. You might not get much of anything out of it at first, but let that be okay from the get go. After you’ve done that for a bit, try whacking it with something all up in your prostate.


Why not try and inflatable butt plug or a dildo? I imagine ones they're past the area of problem they can fill all the area you want. Just an idea as I haven't hit the pelivoc bone problem yet :)


I actually have an inflatable plug. I’ve not shown it as something about the material disagrees with my skin, so I use it with a condom, which looks a bit odd.

I can pump that thing to a point where I worry it might explode, and that is a lot of fun!


I have too many questions, so I'll start with one and see if that gets me anywhere: Could you describe the perfect relationship from your standpoint (i.e., could you maybe provide some general characteristics about who your partner(s) would be, what your lifestyle might be like, and how that relationship might change as it matures)?


This is possibly a cop out answer, but I don’t want perfect. I want a person and a relationship to be an exploration of who they are and what we mean together. Man or woman, top or bottom, my desires change too much for their to be a single answer.

Funny, hot and nice skin are the only things I can say for sure!


Post more photos please :3
You are cute!


File: 1456364901346.jpg (134.5 KB, 840x1280, tumblr_o0i5nfKbE31ruv87mo2….jpg)


File: 1456364919170.jpg (123.97 KB, 1280x824, tumblr_o1djekt6a21ruv87mo4….jpg)


Hi. You remind me of a super hot gurl who used to have a vid titled “feminization of male body and feet in a temporary sex change”. Is it possible that was you? She was super hot and so are you!


It wasn’t, but I know exactly which video you mean - it’s pretty great - I want wooden floors largely because of that video.

I’ve tried to do similar things, but haven’t yet found an angle of my place that lets me wander about like that!


So I just realized your head is almost hitting your ceiling in some of your photos. Do you have short ceilings or are you just very tall?


haha, a couple of people asked that (or possibly the same person multiple times!). I suspect it’s the angle and lighting, I’m fairly tall, but I can only just about put my hand on the ceiling, reaching up, which is quite handy if I’m pushing for an angle in the mirror and trying to balance on silly high heels =3


What do you think about male genital piercings?


File: 1456365058751.jpg (175.79 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o0ec6rc8oP1ruv87mo3….jpg)

It’d be interesting to see what they feel like, but couldn’t have one personally. I have a….thing….about things on my skin (I can’t write on it, something I get requests for occasionally!)


Adding to the anonymous query, not me by the way, what sort of things would a playful relationship encompass?


File: 1456365134944.jpg (102.49 KB, 757x1280, tumblr_o1djekt6a21ruv87mo1….jpg)

I’m not great at sincerity. I think the fantasy of bdsm is all rather wonderful, but in reality is probably best approached with a sense of humour. Like, sharing a giggle fit while being tied up.


I'm not here to ask you anything. Get the fuck back in chastity.


Haha, I appreciate the enthusiasm.

I’m fairly seriously into chastity, I’d wager far more so than yourself; So it’ll always be a running theme round these parts.

But I’m always trying to improve and experiment. Part of that is emulating the things I find hot myself. And needless to say I like dick. (I have a submit button for that very reason.) I want to play around with dick for a while. So to speak. (Also, actually and for long periods.) How often and long I couldn’t tell you, but I know I want to wiggle at folk some more.

And I get it. The fantasy that I’m locked away all of the time is both powerful and fragile. But I’m afraid the ship may already have sailed.

And in it’s place is penises.


Should I order a dildo?




You probably got this question before in the past, but I'll ask anyway. What or who inspired you to get into crossdressing?


There are definitely people who I’ve tried to emulate, and in large part it was about the fairly thrilling feedback, but when I started I was mostly trying to make things that I wanted to see, but hadn’t really found a lot of lying around the internets (which is probably more about my early limited exposure than anything else.)

Butts drive me crazy, and lets face it, cute girls are where all of the it is at, but I’ve always had a pretty intense fetish for legs and nylons, and there aren’t too many “traps” rocking that particular niche. Ash is one of the few that spring quickly to mind ^^


Hey, your pics are just amazing by the way! Quick question, how do you keep your transformations secret in real life (work etc). Your figure looks amazing, your nails, skin. Has anyone figured you out?


File: 1456365385936.jpg (74.48 KB, 692x1189, tumblr_ny6p82w0hg1ruv87mo8….jpg)

There isn’t a lot to see! I’m just thin. And lack body hair. I’ve gone into work with traces of makeup before, which is a bit distressing, but no ones said anything yet.


Whats the best way to shave arms and legs?


I’ve tried just about everything and it mostly all sucks!

I think it depends on your skin more than anything, so advice will help a lot less than breaking out the razors/chemicals/heated waxes.

I’m actually trying something at the moment that might mean less pictures for a little bit, though shit loads more if it goes well ^^


This is a question I struggle with sometimes. Are you more turned on by the thought of fucking a gorgeous woman…or being fucked LIKE a gorgeous woman while dressed?


Very definitely the latter. I don’t struggle with that one at all!


Huh, I just assumed you lived in America, if not then what country do you live in?


I live in a quiet little part of the UK =)


When did you first realize you liked anal?


Fairly early on. Some of my earliest sexual fantasies involved being buggered, and being an enterprising youth I converted a toy into a pretty decent dildo. I kind of wish I still had it.

I wonder if they still make them….


ugh i'm so jealous. how do you afford all of your outfits? i love your style and wish i could afford all of the cute things you wear.


File: 1456365808021.jpg (29.79 KB, 250x281, tumblr_nwc4ncM35t1ruv87mo6….jpg)

Some people build cars. Others paint miniature skeletons. Me, I wear a dress, put things up my butt and post photos online. You have to have a hobby, and hobbies are worth spending money on.

The wish list thing has helped a lot, and I can’t thank the awesome contributors enough, but it’s something I enjoy, and enjoy spending money on.

You should see my face when new shoes arrive. (Not that I’d post that.)


How did you make this body? you have been using hormone? or diet


I won it in a raffle!

But no, I’m not transitioning. Dressing is just a curious thing that I do.


Any tips on how to use a butt plug? I have one medium size, and everytime I get dressed and all I feel really horny, like I can't wait to put it in, but when I do, it hurts me more than it pleases me. I don't know why because even though I can handle all of it, it won't get me off and end up taking it out and jerking off thinking of having it inside. I ask this because I see all these girls and cds in here cumming just by pounding on one and want to know how that feels :( thank you


Weirdly, I have an inflatable one that I can’t use. I have bigger, so I have to assume it’s something to do with the material (my skin is evil, so this would not come as a surprise), but even only slightly in my butt begins, through the medium of serious discomfort, to yell “Nopenopenopenope”. It’s the strangest thing.

But I suspect this is not that; I suspect you need a smaller toy. Trust me when I say I know the appeal of going large, but you have to work your way up to these things. If I put in my bigger plug from standing it would ache like nobodies business and be far from pleasant. Get something disappointly small in the knowledge that it’s a journey.

Or get a anal training kit - a sliding scale of butt based plugs. Or even something like an aneros, which is like a small plug that neatly finds the good bits.


You were in chastity for 111 days, right? Did you have access to the key or what? I really need to cut down on jerkin' it (like 7/8 a day average) and a cage might be the only course of action cause of my distinct lack of willpower. Even then, I might need a timelock safe or something to keep the key. How did you manage for 111 days? I can't manage 11 hours


Firstly: Holy fuck. 7/8 a day! Where does one find the time! Or the fluids!

Secondly: It’s not magic, unfortunately. The security is a fantasy, and no matter how you use it, it is always willpower that will keep the device locked.

Which isn’t to say it wouldn’t help, having a physical reminder is a potent thing, but it’s being into chastity for it’s own sake that really makes it work. It’s that obsession that lets me go some distance.

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