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Does anyone else find the idea of feminizing someone else (i.e. not becoming a transgirl but making someone else become a transgirl) really hot? It is my life dream to one day turn a normal straight guy into a vapid nympho girl who cries if you take cock away from her.


Utterly gross unless they were girly in behavior and looks and all you do is nudge them into going all out.
>Tfw no femboy to manipulate into depravity


I am mtf and want to do this to someone, minus the brain washing bullshit which kills the point

Basically want to take a normal guy and put him in the situation a pre-everything ftm is in. Guy mourning his destroyed genitals is hotness and having a breakdown because he can't tolerate what I did to him. FEEL MY PAIN NORMIES REEEEEEEEE



The brainwashing is hot too though. The contrast between him acting like a normal guy before and then becoming a slutty, submissive bimbo is arousing as fuck.


sounds gay af


>talk them into "trying hormones"
>if it makes you feel better, it means you were trans
>give them an IM shot full dose that lasts weeks
>"ow! my chest hurts?????"

it feels good


I thought they last a week, if that. Nice fantasy though


Maybe someday there will be a shot that lasts eighty years and if you stick a normie male with it he'll be stuck as a cute girl for the rest of his life~


>Actually turning a guy trans
No thanks


that sounds degenerate as fuck


Look at the femboys, they've all basically gone like that even if they cry out that they aren't trans and are still normal.

Vain twinks go that way real easy in an age of easy hormones.


More like an abomination


Hell yeah ! Hot as fuck, I'd be up for being turned!


they can lie all they want. saw one in femgen who literally said:
>taking hormones (but i'm not trans)
>have family meeting
>need to hide tits (that i really really like having btw)


The denial just makes it even cuter desuwa.


sounds more like fear of coming out, yeah.


Fuck no.


>b-but I'm a boy


This is one of my biggest fetishes.

Especially if the guy is kind of short and as a result has always overcompensated and tried to act as manly as possible, until you come along and start slipping him hormones without him realising. He starts to lose muscle mass and gains fat around his hips and thighs, his breasts start to develop, in a world where hormones make you dick slowly turn into a pussy..

He starts getting paranoid about it so you're like "yeah sure dude, I'll come to the gym with you" But you spend the whole time staring at her ass and casually feeling her up. The hormones are having an effect on her and she keeps noticing you in a sexual sense.

Eventually she becomes so feminine you have to stick your dick in her fresh virgin cunt, to her tsundere delight.


That's never happened


Wow congratulation detective dipshit
It's fucking fantasy you autistic fuck


taking hormones and liking the effects doesn't mean you're trans


Would be better if they were girly to begin with


I've always had fantasies of being on the receiving end of this.


How dare you judge us! You don't know what it's like!


No it wouldn't. The loss of masculinity is the best part. It isn't as hot if they're already girly to begin with, they have to be broken down and reduced to a slutty little girl after having been a normal straight guy.

I might be alone on this point of view though. Based on posts I see around here it seems like I'm one of the few chasers that gets off on the feminization / degradation aspects of mtfs instead of being attracted to them for their penises. My only interest in mtf penis if anything is how it becomes all tiny and useless so they can never be men again.


>tfw came to /lgbt/ because i thought i might be bi but also pretty depressed
>only 18, first time trying to deal with confusion
>tfw had doubts which, to be fair, were probably irrelevant to any normal person, about this stuff.
>gays insisted i was a tranny
>trannies insisted i was a tranny
>"if you have doubts just try HRT for 3 months and if it's not for you then no harm done"
>makes sense
>couldnt stop after 3 months because i genuinely felt a lot better but i was also not really depressed anymore so it could've been that
>been on HRT about 9 months
>still only ever dress as a boy but i get weird looks because of my face and have to hide my tits 24/7
>just trying to coast at this point and not end up any closer to being a tranny

lmao you guys are fucked but yeah i wish i was making this up right now


Wanting to look fem isn't the same thing as wanting to be a girl. Know the hormones are weird but I've actually found it annoying when people tell me I am trans desu.

I really hope that the people who like my body aren't okay with it cause they want me to go mtf.


What do you do about the boobs? I've always wanted to try hormones but I'm worried I won't be able to stealth it and I'll look like an ugly hon.


Having this done to me is literally my biggest fantasy. Does that make me trans? I'm probably just a fetishist but how do I stop it?

The most insidious part is that I'm already pretty twinky/ a trust fund brat so I know that I could transition fairly well. But it'd be fucked up to do it just to fulfill some sexual urge, right?


>am trans
>would totally do that to a guy
/pol/ was right, I'm a degenerate


Wtf! I thought I was the only one and I'm literally being quite honest. Also, very high, so I'll relate
> be me,
> buff straight guy
> nery but muscular
> hit on by lots of girls and guys
> legit babyface
> look 3-4 years younger
> low self-esteem
> always wanted to be a girl
> discoverd susans but scared away
> regress girly thoughts with wow
> gain weight and become neckbeard
> years pass and depressed, but don't realize it
> look in mirror, getting manlier
> discover wow reddit sub
> stumble upon asktransgender
> told i'd pass but that time is running out
> get scared, start hormones
> depression gone instantly
> soon after, discover weed, fall in love with it
> learn to accept hormones are good for me
> learn to live that I might never pass
> okay with staying a boy for much longer
> find girlfriend
> discover discord group, all tell me I pass
> don't believe them, feel being humored
> more time pass
> comfortable again as a boy
> confidence up
> go back to school, major in something hard
> make cool stoner friends
> hair is longer, think I can pass as a stoner boy
> recently, been getting called gurl in public
> happens in front of gf and dad
> start to lose boy confidence, look kind of cute in the mirror
> titties get huge
> butt feels out nicely
> start getting anxiety when high in public
> everyone is looking at me
> they are all staring
> they all must know
> they all hate me
> im are disgusting
> go home, looks in mirror, relax, I'm cute
> weeks go by
> discover 4chan
> leads to lgbt
> been lurking here for months
What's up!


If it gets you weirdos off i'm a femboy on HRT and i found it actually physically impossible to fap last night. Penis has gone super insensitive, i can get half way there if i play with my tits too but yeah, i think i finally broke it


>tfw 19, 2 years on hrt
>long-ish hair, soft skin
>39" hips and ~27" waist if i tighten my stomach
>look super fem but too scared to present because trauma and extremely high passing standards
>suddenly summer
>can't hide under the shapeless baggy clothes I'd been wearing since starting HRT
>trying to go to the gym for a run in loose t-shirt and skinny jeans
>people everywhere staring

s..stop looking at me i'm a b-boy


This but keeping the dick as a reminder. One of my friends is short, muscular, tatted, cocky, total masculine dude. The thought of making him lose muscle mass, putting big tits on his tatted chest, locking his cock away, dressing him like a bimbo slut and fucking his brains out… fffuuckkk


Think it would be so hot, as wild I have another to play with n look hot too searching for cock


File: 1456836040903.jpg (4.66 KB, 110x110, 0004ffd7-57eb-9935-3ba9-76….jpg)

Those things together caff ruin a person haha, just kidding. I'm hermy or ts . But not much left in my life other than going back to being me full-time #1004




Often times find myself in total lust. As being TS myself. So use too just want to blend in with society. Anymore since someone turned me onto sissy erotic hypnosis like five years ago maybe, I question myself more and more everyday, as I notice I love flirting n teasing guys to getting them off more. Either on text our over the phone. Outs like my idealism ate changing even in fashion. Use to be bisexual, anymore I feel like I could be a dirtified whore n be so content. Like it was my decision our something. Lust driven is like Toral euphoric


File: 1459337370047.jpg (5.99 KB, 110x110, 00052b2a-a386-468d-cd3c-5f….jpg)

Being TS on HRT myself for few decades. It's like I so use to just want too transition n blend in with society. Anymore I find myself really enjoying feeling more fulfilled buy flirting or teasing cock, as doo I get totally turned on by the thoughts of being a total slut or dirtified submissive whore. Pic is me on deck for morning coffee

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